Day Program We provide day services in our clinic for children with autism aged 14 months to 6 years. (Older children are considered on a case by case basis for the day program.) This researched based 1:1 treatment is provided by trained therapists and supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. We provide instruction in a variety of areas including communication, academics, daily living skills, toilet training, play skills and social skills. This program is available for up to 40 hours per week.

Tutoring Reaching Potentials will provide after school tutoring in our clinic for children with autism or Asperger’s syndrome in Elementary or Middle School who need extra help with academics, homework and/or social skills.

Outreach Services For those families outside of our geographic area, we offer distance supervision of your home program following an initial evaluation and training session. We achieve this through phone, email, video and travel to your location.

Local Program Supervision For those families who decide to implement their own ABA programs at home, a BCBA or BCABA will evaluate your child, develop appropriate programming, train your staff and monitor you program on an ongoing basis.

Short Term Specific Issue Intervention This program is designed to help your child reach success in a specific area such as toilet training, tolerating hair or nail cutting, or eating out at a restaurant. The therapist will work in the community with you and your child if needed.

IEP Consultation This service is designed to assist parents in the IEP process. A BCBA will work with the family and the school team to design an IEP that will be effective and will attend any school meetings during the process.

Functional Behavioral Assessment A BCBA or a BCABA will conduct a functional behavioral assessment to determine the environmental factors that affect and maintain your child’s problem behaviors. The therapist will then develop a behavior plan, train caregivers in the implementation methods, and monitor your child’s progress.

School Observation A BCBA will observe your child in his or her school environment and make suggestions for addressing any problem behaviors, academic difficulties or social issues.

ABLLS Assessment A BCBA or a BCABA will conduct the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills to determine your child’s level of skills in the areas of language and beginning learner skills.

Supervision of Prospective BCBAs or BCABAs Reaching Potentials offers supervision of fieldwork for those professionals pursuing board certification.

Supported Inclusion On a limited basis we can provide supported inclusion, or ”shadowing” for your child who is participating in a regular educational environment.

Training Classes Reaching Potentials continues to provide a variety of training classes for parents and professionals. Link to Training

Note that services in Florida and Virginia may differ in their availability. Please call either office to learn more about our services and prices. Our staff strives to create individualized programming for each child to suit their needs and the needs of their families. If you have a specific need for service that is not listed above, please contact us so that we may determine if we can be of assistance to you.