Areas of Focus

  • Learning Readiness The focus is on the development of skills necessary for effective learning (such skills include establishing and maintaining eye contact and following instructions)
  • Imitation (Echoics)- A focus on the development of imitative skills to shape motor and vocal behavior
  • Building speech and language skills.
  • Building/Strengthening academic readiness (e.g. reading, writing and math skills)
  • Encouraging social and emotional development (e.g. supporting more appropriate play and social skills)
  • Addressing age appropriate daily living skills (e.g. grooming, toileting and dressing)

Initial Consultation:

During the initial consultation clients are introduced to the full continuum of care available and time is given to address any questions and concerns. This process usually includes:

  • An initial consultation or intake is conducted by senior level staff
  • An array of assessments are utilized to help staff and family better understand what will be the most effective course of intervention and support.
  • Identification of appropriate areas of focus for the ABA program to best meet individual child/family needs.